IT Learning is a continuous process as technologies evolve continuesily. Training is a key aspect of Employee Development.
It will help resources to enhance their skills and transform the capabilities to be more efficient. Training will help deliver quality content at the job and be more productive.Training will improve chances of getting a job that require latest skills.

Eminent software solutions will provide the training in different formats

Instructor Lead, Live Virtual Training

We created state of the art technology platform to deliver the content online by the instructor. This model will facilitate live interaction between trainees and instructor using various communication tools like Audio, Video and Chat tools. This model will cut down the travel costs without missing the experience of class room training. Our content delivery platform provides interactive discussions, document sharing, co-browsing, chat and ability to form private groups for discussions.

Class Room training

We will facilitate class room trainings at our corporate head quarters in Hyderabad. Environment is conducive for learning with limited batch capacity and access to labs locally. We created the facilities with corporate infrastructure and latest server, network computing resources to mimic the corporate setup. This is by far more enriching experience for the trainees.

Online training

Online training will be provided using a set of pre-recorded sessions by the instructors. We will provide help to identify and understand the topics for trainees with the help of a mentor. Trainees can login at their convenient time to go over the recorded content and mentors can help clarify the scenarios as required. Trainees still have access to our computing resources for hands-on for a specified period of time.

On-Site Training

This is for corporates with specific training needs for a set of employees. We will deliver the class at client location itself, lead by our experienced instructors. Employees will be learning the content in actual working scenario itself, in an environment familiar to them.